Arulmigu Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple, Sankarankoil.

12 th Century king Seevalaramapandian constructed the Rajagopuram (big tower) and front Mandapam

Temple History

Gomathi amman is one of the manifestation of Adhi shakthi. The temple is popularly known as Sankaranayinarkoil (or Sankarankovil) and she is the consort of vanmikanathar and seen along with sankaranarayanar(the unification of shiva and vishnu). This temple is 900 years old and was built by Ukkira Pandian a king from Pandiya dynasty.

Once the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva quarrelled with each other to determine whose god is powerful. Then Lord Shiva and vishnu appeared as Sankaranarayanar to make their devotees to understand that both Hari and Shiva are one and the same.

It was built by Ukkira Pandiyan AC 900. It houses the deity by the name Sankara Narayanan, which is half – Lord Shiva and the other half – Lord Vishnu.

The deities of this temple are Sri Sankareswarar, Sri Gomathi Amman and Sri Sankara Narayanar. Sankarankovil is also said to be home to the deity named Avudai Ambal

Remedies (Dosham Pariharam) 

Devotees facing problems due to the presence of poisonous creatures in their houses as lizards, scorpions and snakes offer silver pieces embossed with the images of such creatures for solution. It is believed that consuming a pinch of the sand Prasad will help to cure a lot of diseases.

Pambatti Siddhar

Pambatti Siddhar lived in this town and made the glories of the Goddess known to the world. His tomb is also located near the temple.

Sarpa Dosha(Naga Dosham) remedies

 Milk is anointed on thePpanchanaka idols in front of the Shiva shrine, the nagatosham will go away.

The Simplest remedy available for the infertility issue

The method of worshiping Gomatiyamman by spreading sevarali flowers and placing mangoes on it is considered to be the best. It is said that a person who is infertile will get maternity leave if he consumes the offering milk given after the completion of Arthajama Puja for 30 consecutive days

Mental / Stress Issue

 Who puts the cancerous soil on the forehead in the corner of Amman Sannathi Prakara will decrease Mental Issue and Stress. 


Puttu mann

Puttu mann

It is belived if the people wear the puttumann (Anti hill soil) found in Amman Sannathi daily with belief, it will cure, cancer, skin diseases and all other incurable disease. The soil is giving miraculous results if it is worn with belief.



The Agni theertham, Agathi theertham, Surya theertham, Vairava theertham, Gauri theertham.

Temple Timings

From 5.00 A.M to 1.00 Noon
From 4.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M

Important Festival Day

Event Details

“Aadi Thapasu” is one of the important festivals of Gomathi amman celebrated in the Tamil month of Aadi in a grand scale. The story on this: Sri Gomathi Ambal did Thapas at Punnai kshetra and Lord Shiva gave Her darshan as Sankaranarayanaswamy on the Uthirada day in the month of Adi (July–August)