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                                Vedic astrology or Hindu Astrology is a technique for future forecasting of individuals, a group of people, or even for a country presented to us by great sages of past who possessed exceptional knowledge in Astronomy.Vedic Astrology helps us in shaping up our life in many aspects for taking the right decisions at the right time to make our life better. It makes people aware of the upcoming probable events in their life, equip them better in facing the challenges and opportunities.It is a great tool that helps to plan in advance to make smarter decisions in handling things. It empowers a person to plan proactively, giving him better control over their life, henceforth it brings constructive progress, and happiness in one’s life.The resources for Vedic Astrology are so vast and are not just based on myths.Hence it can give astonishingly a very clear and  precise   details deeply into what’s going to happen in one’s life.But good forecasting and predictions are  subjected to a good astrologer who can dwell into the depth of calculation. Saffronbook  will help you in committing to pious and good astrologers who can resolve your issues and foretell your good Opportunities. 

Chief Astrology Consultant


Chief Consultant - astrology

He has more than 35+ years Experience in Vedic Astrology.