12th Century Temple

Historic Prominence

Karkottakan was a powerful Naga  king (serpent king),as per Hindu mythology he is one of the 8 Naga kings. Once upon a time a has to heed to the request of Lord Indra the king of heaven (swargaloga)  to  bite the famous king Nala. To wipe of the sin committed the Naga king performed pooja in this place. Lord Vishnu considered his remorse action  and graced him with act of forgiveness  and removed his sufferings. Even today plenty of black cobras  are found  around this place . The place would be cooler in summer(Kodai in Tamil) compared to other places around. That provides the name Kottaganallur.

Specialty about Temple

This place is third in the list of Navakailasam temples Lord Shiva in Tirunelveli.Here Lord shiva graces you to provide prosperity especially for those who have horoscope defect on planetary positions concerning  Venus(Chevai). Marriage for Lord Nandi has performed as a daily event is a unique speciality about this temple.Great saint Athiisankara praises this place as Dakshin Sringeri. Flowing river Tamiraparni is called here as Dakshin Ganga.18th century famous Saint Sundara Swamigal lived here. The temple has stone carving inscriptions depicting the name as’ kodanur’ and ‘Kulasekara Chaturvedi Mangalam’.Those who have difficulties and   hurdles in getting married can definitely get blessings from this place and resolve their problems

Temple details

Lord name   –  Kailasanathar

Goddess name –  Sivagamiammal

Tirtham (Holy water Point)  –Thamarabarani tirtham

Thala vriksham (Sacred Tree associated to the temple)  –  Bilvam

Agamam    – Kamika agamam

Rituals for Remedies

Those who have difficulties and hurdles in getting married can definitely get blessings from this place and resolve their problems

Temple Timings

Daily 6.30am to 12.30pm and 5.30pm to 7.30pm


15km from Tirunelveli 627010

Important Festival Day

Maha Sivarathiri and Markali Thiruvathirai

Amazing Facts


Dhakshina Ahobila (south Ahobila) is considered to be 1200-1500 years old.


The Devas and the rishis (sages) came to this place, Keezhapavur and performed a rigorous penance for several years.


People appeal to Lord Narasimha for relief from DEBT burdens and for Marriage to happen standing delayed due to some reason or other.


Around 300 years ago, the sound of Lions roar used to come from the temple.


Ugra Narasimha with 16 hands is seen only in very few temples


Singirikudi, a place near Pondicherry, the Lord resides as Ugra Narasimha depicted with 16 hands as seen in Keelapavoor.