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Tirunelveli History

The Shiva temple named Nellaiappar was built more than 1400 years ago…!

Tirunelveli District was formed in the year 1790 by the East India Company, later came under the direct control of the British Crown Queen Victoria.

Ancient OLD Temples



UNIQUE Unknown Facts about Tirunelveli Region

Nava Kailasha temples

Supreme God Lord shiva has the maximum share of these temples out of which nava kailasha temples( 9 temples ) located at banks of tamirabarani river stretching from the starting point on the west to culminating point on the east.Similarly, Nava Tirupathi is a collection of 9 Lord Vishnu temples which are part of highly acclaimed 108 Divya thesam temples by vishnavites. 

Holy Rivers

Tirunelveli region is always associated with a popular holy river called Tamirabarani which flows from west and culminates at east to merge with the Bay of Bengal.The river is attributed to rare holy prominence, great temples and civilizations evolved around its surroundings a long time before.

Puranic Values of Tirunelvel

A scared book namely ‘Tamirabarani mahathmeyiam’  written by ancient saint Vayashar who wrote the great epic Mahabharata portrays the puranic value of this scared place Tirunelveli. In the script, river  Tamirabarani is considered equal to Holy Ganges which flows from the Himalayas. Tamirabarani river banks have 149 holy dip spots(Puniya theetha kattam) at various places of its stretch and they are studded with many puranic temples worshipped by great saints, devas and even demigods.

Tamirabarani river

 The river Tamirabarani is hailed one among the 12 Holy rivers in India.The stretch of Tamirabarani river brings you plenty of temples alongside. There would be around 250 ancient old temples in these stretch, with each one has its unique value as referred to in  Hindu Puranas.The Thamirabarani Maha Pushkaram, which is celebrated once in 144 years, was celeberated in  2018 during the month of  October.While Thamirabarani Pushkaram is usually celebrated once in 12 years during ‘Guru Peyarchi (transit of planet Jupiter from one zodiac sign to another), the Maha Pushkaram is celebrated once in 144 years. Pushkaram is an event meant for taking a holy dip in the rivers and across the country, this festival is celebrated on 12 rivers.Lakhs of devotees.Lakhs of devotees  including saints from many parts of India  attended this festival which was last organized in the year 1864

Biggest temple in Asia

The center part of Tirunelveli region is Tirunelveli city, here is were the biggest temple in Asia exists.The Shiva temple named Nellaiappar was built more than 1400 years back.The main deity Nellaiappar is a ‘Suyambu lingam ‘ a self-formed deity statue.

This powerful shiva temple consists of many unique things, one such is the temple consisting of two prime deities in one temple is rare in nature, river Tamirabarani itself being its holy pond associated with the temple.

Aesthetic sculptures in the temple are still unmatched.This is one temple that has plenty of customary festivals all over the year.A 10 day ‘Anithiruvizha’ is a very popular festival with a variety of pooja conducted on each day, ninth day is prominent for the car festival, lakhs of people throng into the place to pull the famous car in which Lord Shiva resides.The famous car is the third biggest in south India.

Tamil Siddhar


In Hindu Puranas great saint Agasthyar has visited many temples in this place, there is a belief that he still lives in the pothigai mountains which is 60 km west of Tirunelveli city. 

Agastya is mentioned in all the four Vedas of Hinduism, and is a character in the Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, epics, and many Puranas.He is the author of hymns 1.165 to 1.191 of the Rigveda (~1200 BCE)

Tiruchendur Murugan Temple

Towards the east side from Tirunelveli city 55 KM far, you end up with one of the most popular and powerful temples in south India namely Tiruchendur.It’s exactly located at the belt of the seashore naturally brings an aesthetic look to the temple.The main deity Lord muruga is not only powerful but also leave you awestruck with his stunning beauty on a single gaze.


The next important festival is ‘shasti’ which comes during the month of October or November the next day to popular Indian festival Deepavali the six day festival will see thousands of people just stay nearby temple and observe full fasting when the six-day completes with the customary grand event which happens at the seashore with surrounded by lakhs of people, in which Lord Subramania confronting holy fight against the demon Surapathman and emerge victoriously. Historically these customary is around for thousands of years and more. Those who take this as a vow and completed such an act of worship had seen numerous benefits in their life and believed their families have prospered is famous.

Thai Poosam

There are two festivals that bring lakhs of people to this place, one is ‘Thai poosam’ which comes around at the end of month January or at the beginning of February. People from various places walk for more than 50 Km from their places and show great intent in troubling their body and visit the place for worship.


The south stretch from Tirunelveli city takes you to place namely Kanyakumari  the south most tip of India. The wonderful thing about this place that one will not find anywhere in the world is the merging point of three big oceans Arabian sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. This highly spiritual land contains plenty of temples The Kanyakumari Devi and suseentharam temple are most prominent. In the south stretch from Tirunelveli to Kanyakumari you can visit around 50 prominent temples of ancient values referred to in Puranas.

12 Temples

Thiruparapu is one such place in the 12 temple cluster has great waterfalls and Padmanathapuram is another one in that cluster which finds a very popular king’s palace build in 16th century.

Kalakad is a tiger reserve place falls in this south sector of Tirunelveli with good picnic spots were Lord Rama worshipped Lord shiva temple exists. Thirukanangudi, Nanguneri are big and popular lord Vishnu temples located in aesthetic places that bring you great spiritual feeling.


There is an interesting cluster of 12 shiva temples in the name of ‘Mahadeva’ is spread around this Kanyakumari side believed to be worshipped by Lord Parasuram.During the ‘Shivaratri’ festival when temples will be open throughout the night people used to take a run of 60 km overall to cover those 12 temples for performing worship. It is believed such an act of worship will bring very high prosperity in the current life and future life.

How Our Tour Plan Works


  Staying in Tirunelveli city the district headquarters is where you can find plenty of good hotels and restaurants for a comfortable stay in the place. Kanyakumari is another district headquarters in this tour sector where you can find revering stay with abundant natural scenery set in front of you. Planning of this tour segment will involve taking one direction at a time per day’s schedule from Tirunelveli city being the center of stay.


The Eastern side of the tour segment will enthrall you with a mixture of  Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva temples on the way. You can plan a clean and safe river bathing in holy dip spots along the way and end up in seashore to find the popular temple Murugan temple at Tiruchendur. At the maximum, you will be away from your destination stay hub only by 60 KM.


The western side of the tour segment will bring you a revering experience from the freshness of western ghats mountains. On the way, you will find a good mixture of old shiva and Vishnu temples all located in the serene backdrop because of the impact of western ghats. You can plan clean and safe river bathing at some places in holy dip spots along the way and you can find popular herbal blended waterfalls at the backdrop of rain forests of western ghats.At the maximum, you will be away from your destination stay hub only by 65KM


 The southern side of the tour segment brings calm and composed experience with the tour stretch takes you up to Kanyakumari which is 80 Km from the destination hub. On the way to the southern side of the trip towards Kanyakumari, you will find few big Lord Vishnu temples and one Lord shiva temples.The southern tour segment packs up with 12 popular shiva temple and many more. You can plan not to miss out on the clam but a wonderful experience in the seashores of Kanyakumari and serene forest backdrop during the travel. Visiting palace and waterfalls in tour itinerary makes the southern side trip even more memorable.


The southern tour segment packs up with 12 popular shiva temple and many more. You can plan not to miss out on the clam but a wonderful experience in the seashores of Kanyakumari and serene forest backdrop during the travel. Visiting palace and waterfalls in tour itinerary makes the southern side trip even more memorable.



The stay destination of the tour segment Tirunelveli city is a big attraction for its famous temple nellaiappar. One can take around into the city and can gain a shopping experience during the evening times of the scheduled stay.

Arrangements and information

The best part of the   Tirunelveli tour segment is it not travel intensive,  wherein traveling points between two places in a scheduled itinerary for any day in the tour segment will not exceed 45 min. The holy temple visits peppered with mind refreshing natural site seeing visits to river beds, waterfalls, seashores, forest backdrop serene places will undoubtedly bring you an unforgettable happy experience.

The touring segment is well devised to give space to address aspiring tourists to perform personalized rituals in some specific temples as remedial measures for their life prosperity. A carefully scripted tour plan of 2,3 5, and 7 days stay can be planned to have soul-fulfilling experience from this place. This holy tour segment will bring you enterprising experience and never let boredom enter you

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